Crisci Associates, March 30, 2015
* Budget Hearings: Senate GOP Looks To Change Pensions For Current Workers

At the Senate Appropriations Committee budget hearing Monday with the State Employee and School Employee Pension Systems, Sen. Pat Browne (R-Lehigh), Majority Cair, suggested changing the pension system for existing employees.

* Poll: 59 Percent Support, Somewhat Support Wolf Tax Plans

A new Franklin & Marshall Poll released Wednesday shows 59 percent of voters support or somewhat support Gov. Wolf’s plan to increase the Sales and Personal Income Taxes and a new natural gas severance tax for lower school property taxes and more education funding. 

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* Wolf Creates Competitive Procurement Process For Selecting Bond Counsel

Gov. Wolf announced Wednesday the Office of General Counsel will be engaging bond counsel through a competitive procurement process, making the process more open and transparent than ever before.

* Wolf Administration Announces Significant Workers’ Comp Insurance Rate Cut

The Wolf Administration Friday announced Pennsylvania businesses will see a significant cut in workers’ compensation insurance rates while benefit levels for injured workers will be maintained.

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