Crisci Associates, Jan. 26, 2015
* Wolf Priorities: Jobs, Schools, A Government That Works

In his inaugural address Tuesday Gov. Tom Wolf said, “I want you to know that for the next four years, my administration will be dedicated to three simple goals: Jobs that pay. Schools that teach.  And government that works – one that is worthy of our trust.”  Click Here for the text of the speech.

* Mercyhurst Poll: 69% Confident In Wolf’s Leadership

Mercyhurst University released a poll Monday showing 69 percent of respondents were confident in Gov.-Elect Tom Wolf’s leadership ability and 65 percent said he has the ability to solve the state’s problems.

* Gov. Wolf Completes Cabinet, Senior Appointments

Gov. Wolf  completed his appointments to cabinet and many senior positions by naming Secretaries for the departments of Education and Labor & Industry.  Here is the complete list of cabinet and senior appointments--

* Wolf Recalls All Pending Executive Nominations, Appoints New Open Records Director

Gov. Tom Wolf Thursday recalled all pending executive nominations put forth prior to him being sworn-in as governor.

* Political News & NewsClips

Here's a collection of NewsClips from around the state on political topics of interest--

* Session Schedule

Here is the latest voting session schedule for the Senate and House--

* On The Senate/House Agenda

Here are the Senate and House Calendars and Committee showing bills of interest--

* Senate/House Bills Moving

The following bills of interest saw action in the House or Senate this week--

* Senate Completes Naming Of Standing Committee Members

The Senate announced standing committee members on Monday and Tuesday. All committee members are now posted on the General Assembly website. Here are members related to some key committees--

* House Names Members To Standing Committees

The House Thursday released a list of members of each standing committee. All committee members are now posted on the General Assembly website. Here are members of some of the key committees--

* Senate Schedules Hearings On FY 2015-16 State Budget

The Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday published its schedule of public hearings on the FY 2015-16 state budget--

* Weeks Ahead

Upcoming meetings, hearings and other events on legislative issues in Harrisburg, unless otherwise noted.   NEW means new from last week.

* PA December Unemployment Rate Down To 4.8 Percent

The Department of Labor & Industry Friday reported Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate declined by three-tenths of a percentage point in December to 4.8 percent, the Commonwealth’s lowest rate since March 2008.

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